renderstudios originated from our common desire to expand the existing visualization offer at the highest level.

Our many years of professional experience in architecture, design, visualization and photography led to the realization that we would offer our customers a great advantage through our interdisciplinary approach. It is our concern to direct the greatest attention to the smallest details while creating an atmospheric image – because only then a simple visualization comes to life and transports the design idea as an impressive experience.

As architects, we understand the visions of our colleagues and know how to visually transport them. From our own experience, we know about the complex design process in competitions and are very familiar with overlapping requirements in the creation of first-class visualizations.

Apart from a great architectural understanding, our team carries all the expertises for production of atmospheric images, especially in the field of architectural photography and visualization.

Our vision is to provide innovative visualization solutions that come directly from architects and designers.

In addition to traditional architecture firms, we work with diverse, international artists and designers on exciting projects around the globe.

Juan Cequera und Maxim Tolk, Wertheim Cologne, Cologne

Founders Team

Our founders Maxim Tolk and Juan Cequera have known each other for more than 20 years. Both embody the kölsche cheerfulness, are optimists and enthusiastic architects with a strong interest in aesthetics, authenticity, atmosphere and quality – for us essential components of our company philosophy.

Maxim Tolk is a holistic designer and entrepreneur. He describes himself as a generalist. His innate impulse is to improve things by recognizing their natural potential and giving them their own expression. He is motivated on each new project to work out the peculiarities in the design of his customers and implementing them atmospherically, so that a unique individual aesthetic emerges.

Juan Cequera is a wonderful unconventional thinker and gifted artist in the field of atmospheric visualization of planned space. Through his many years of experience in renowned, international architectural visualization companies, he gained valuable experience and linked it with his keen interest in architecture and photography. This synergy is emblematic of the work of renderstudios and our aspiration, which we embody as a team.

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